Featuring TIM STEVENS, Executive Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church


Monday | June 15th - 11amCDT

"Tension" is something every church and every team has faced in 2020.

Difficult and challenging times also serve as fertile ground for church leaders to learn and develop leadership skills.

Although we are in a time where we cannot control what is going on around us, we can control how we steward our time, our leadership and our team.

On Monday, June 15th, we're bringing Executive Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, Tim Stevens, to the Monday Coaching Call with Shawn Lovejoy to help your church thrive regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Learn from Tim who, throughout his ministry career, has both initiated growth while navigating the pressures that can bring and inherited ministry situations requiring steady leadership. Tim shares the guiding principles that have empowered him to "lead smart" and see teams emerge from pressure stronger than before.

Join us at 11amCDT on June 15th on the ZOOM platform for this group coaching call where we'll show you how to...

  • Acknowledge reality for your church while pointing the way forward
  • Be a beacon of hope, peace, and stability to your team
  • Leverage difficult moments to create stronger relationships and camaraderie on a team
  • Stay connected to needs as they surface in the church and among the team
  • Recognize & care for the well-being of team-members along the way

While outside forces will always be ripe with unpredictability, church leaders can create solace and progress by taking the right actions. Monday's Coaching Call will give you the tools to help.

On June 15th at 11:00amCDT you're invited to a free Monday Morning Coaching Call with Shawn Lovejoy and special guest Tim Stevens.

When faced with leading through tension, remember every day and every decision counts.

Reserve your seat on this free coaching call!


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Having been a successful real estate developer, a church planter, megachurch pastor, and now CEO of a fast growing coaching and consulting organization; Shawn specializes in for leadership, personal growth, and organizational health, and helping leaders create momentum. His heart beats for coaching leaders and helping them all conquer whatever's keeping them up at night. Shawn is the host of The CourageToLead Podcast with Shawn Lovejoy and the author of several books. His latest books are Measuring Success: Your Path To Significance, Satisfaction, & Leading Yourself To The Next Level and Be Mean About The Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters Most. Shawn has been married for 25 years to his best friend Tricia and they have three children: Hannah, Madison, & Paul. They all live in Birmingham, AL.

TIM STEVENS - Executive Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church

Having recently begun a new chapter as the Executive Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, Tim is working with a fantastic team at a church that has a story to tell and impact to make in the communities of Chicago. Previously Tim served for six years as Vice President of Consulting at Vanderbloemen where he led a world-class team helping hundreds of churches and organizations find leaders. Tim’s ministry career began at Granger Community Church as Executive Pastor where, for 20 years, he had the privilege to watch the church grow from a congregation of 350 meeting in a movie theater–to a world-impact ministry reaching more than 6,000 locally and tens of thousands around the world.

In addition to passionately leading in and for the local church, Tim writes on his leadership blog,, as well as has authored numerous books including his latest, “Marked By Love.” As Tim says, “the most important human relationship” he has is with my wife, Faith Stevens. Next to Faith, the most important thing I can do is be a great dad to our four amazing adult children. 


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Monday | June 15th - 11amCST

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