A 90 Day Crisis-Leadership Coaching Intensive


Giving Your Church a Plan to Lead with Calm, Maximize Opportunities, and Reemerge Stronger from the COVID-19 Crisis.

Over the next 90 days, this is your plan to lead with STABILITY, ENERGY and STRATEGY. 


No one knows how long this crisis will last. You can't cancel 2020. You can't hibernate until 2021. The only way out is through.  


The 90 Day Framework That Equips You to Lead With A Steady Presence, a Focused Energy and Strategic Vision - Positioning Your Church To Remain Stable Today and Opportunistic When COVID-19 is Over.

The Courageous Community Intensive is a 90 day coaching environment that will allow your church to...

Stabilize Your Church By Leading With A Steady Presence

COVID-19 saw churches scrambling, operating without a plan, and barely surviving week-to-week. Position yourself to lead with the poise and plan your members are hoping for, creating a sense of stability and strength in them and for the church.

Together we will form a plan to STABILIZE your church by helping you...

  • Stay calm, grounded and able to make wise decisions
  • Stabilize income by maximizing your digital giving strategy
  • ​Position yourself as an "Ambassador of Hope" in your community, church and team
  • Provide a system of care and connection for your team through effective virtual meetings
  • Leverage the Federal CARES Act to cover payroll, mortgage and maintain your fixed costs

Energize the Church and Your Team To Take Advantage of Opportunities for Massive Impact Right Now

Social Distancing doesn't have to result in social disconnection. Leverage the opportunities of COVID-19 by creating unique connection experiences and serving opportunities, helping people grow spiritually even in the face of the inability to connect physically.

Together we will ENERGIZE your church by helping you...

  • Reposition your team to meet the needs and seize the opportunities of the moment
  • Keep members engaged through strong, engaging online services
  • ​Create a communication plan that disempowers fear and provides hope during COVID-19
  • Provide a five step process to stay agile by building simple systems from scratch
  • Help you create a content distribution strategy that helps you maximize the content you already have

Strategize For The Influx of People Who Will Flood Your Church When COVID-19 Ends

The "Stay At Home" Mandate will end, and the first Sunday back will be larger than Easter weekend. Create a plan to maximize the moment when it arrives.

Together we will STRATEGIZE for the future by helping you...

  • Form a plan to connect the influx of people who will descend on your church when the crisis is over
  • Strategically position your team to lead in the new post COVID-19 reality
  • ​Leverage opportunities after the crisis to grow fast while remaining healthy
  • Identify key roles and intiatives that will create growth afteer the crisis

What You Get With The Courageous Community Intensive

Create a plan for your church to stabilize now, keep people engaged and create a strategy for a post-crisis relaunch. Along with your coach you will develop a strategy to operate at a high-level from now until the crisis is over. In addition, you will also form a gameplan to launch back strong once the world goes back to normal and your church welcomes people back.

You will get a Personal Coach. This means you will actualy have their cell phone number, can connect with them anytime and they will get back with you that day. Your coach will be available to you whenever you have questions or experience hurdles during this, be someone to process that with, and will hold you accountable to execute the strategies being mapped out.

You will meet one-on-one with your Personal Coach every other week for 90 days. During a crisis, circumstances are constantly evolving. To ensure you have a steady place to process and plan, you will have 1:1 virtual session with your coach every other week. These sessions will be used to make plans and adjustments as you navigate through this season.

Gain instant access to this 12 module digital coaching from Shawn Lovejoy, along with an interactive workbook to help you process what you’re learning right away. As you work through the coaching, you’ll develop a working plan to help you get immediate traction on where to focus your energies and what to implement next in your organization. These digital, on demand trainings can be used individually, with your team or in a larger setting.  

You will have the opportunity to participate in weekly Group Coaching Calls. During these calls, a CourageToLead coach will guide you through one of the most urgent aspects of leading through this crisis and how to implement it in your church, all while you're able to glean support from a group setting.

To See if You Qualify for the Coaching Intensive:

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Gears of Growth Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Gears of Growth Coaching Intensive?

The Courageous Community Coaching Intensive is a 90 day coaching environment offering pastors both one-on-one and group coaching meetings in addition to a series of video coaching modules with a corresponding workbook to help you build the plan you need to create stability in your church now while preparing to seize the opportunities for impact tomorrow.

  • Who is this coaching meant for?

Anyone who is a pastor and/or lead team leader. Every leader needs a coach, during a crisis that need is even stronger.

  • When does it start?

Immediately! You will have the opportunity to begin coaching on your Strategic Coaching Call. Once you get started, you will have immediate access to all of our Digital Content and your personal coach will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

  • Where and when do we meet?

Coaching all takes place via ZOOM Video Calls. 

  • ​Is this on demand?

A portion of it is, yes. The twelve digital coaching modules taught by Shawn Lovejoy are 100% digital, which means you can watch them any time (and on any device). You can complete the video sessions whenever you’d like. And you get instant access when you begin coaching.  

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